Polio Boxx

Polio Boxx


Muscle weakness, issues breathing, paralysis—it’s a really good thing polio has been mostly eradicated thanks to vaccines, with only 136 cases worldwide in 2018. But if this serious virus becomes an issue again, you’ll need to be ready. Prepare your unvaccinated children for the consequences with Polio Box.

What’s in the box?

  • Home Remedies - Nonparalytic polio causes flu-like symptoms which last for up to 10 days. Ease your child’s discomfort with goodies like chicken soup, pain relievers and 1930s-era literature.

  • Leg Braces - Your child should be out on the playground, not immobile in bed. These leg braces provide an added layer of support when your child’s muscles inevitably start to weaken. Available in black, blue, red, purple and pink.

  • Corrective Shoes - Regular polio shoes look clunky. These are built in the latest style, while also providing comfort and support your child’s feet will need. Kids grow fast, so we recommend ordering a size up. Also available with wheelies.

  • Polio Vest - Instead of limiting your child to a full iron lung apparatus (super popular in the 1930s when polio was a problem), take this negative pressure vest on the go for breathing assistance wherever life takes your family.

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